Thai food goes pop

Thai food goes pop

I only ever linked the colors red and green with Thai food for a very, very long time. For many of us, Thai meant a red or green curry. My list of Thai foods now includes a dish in the color pink.

A few days ago, I enjoyed several exquisite dishes that were both aesthetically pleasing and delicious. One of the things that made it appear good was pink. For instance, there was burnt garlic fried rice, which was faintly pink, beautifully aromatic, and somewhat crispy. A red curry water chestnut and mushroom dim lunch was also available; the curry gave it a pinkish-magenta hue.

It is obvious that the Thai food available today is breaking through barriers. New restaurant Pop Thai in Vasant Kunj has been improving traditional recipes, and they’re doing a terrific job of it. I was particularly intrigued by their prawn donut, which was actually a dish of minced prawns seasoned with fresh lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, and fresh Thai ginger but appeared to be a crisp vada (or an extremely thick onion ring).

Red curry mushroom water chestnut dimsumRed curry mushroom water chestnut dimsumRed curry mushroom water chestnut dimsum

I adore Thai food because it has vibrant flavors and uses herbs and fresh greens to give each dish a touch of freshness. For instance, morning glory greens are used in numerous cuisines and are softly sautéed. The Sangam complex restaurant Ziu serves nouvelle Thai cuisine and has steamed fish with morning glories on the menu. Rice crackers with curry patta and tom kha spices are one of its creations.

Pop Thai also offers a number of intriguing alterations to traditional dishes. They offer a dim sum variety called money bag that is stuffed with button and shiitake mushrooms, red curry sauce, cream cheese, and served with a hot truffle oil dip.

The water chestnut mushroom dumplings and hot and flavorful red curry are both made with our in-house red curry paste. In addition, I liked the somewhat hot lamb slices cooked with basil, black pepper, kaffir lime leaf, dry red chili, and yellow pepper. It paired wonderfully with the pink garlic rice, which was colored by beetroot that had been reduced and cooked with the rice in a wok.

Thai cuisine is a well-liked dish, and many pan-Asian restaurants serve it. A tasty appetizer on the menu at Soy X Neung Roi in the Radisson Blu Plaza is batter-fried pork belly with green chili sauce and garlic pepper sauce.

Fortunately for us, restaurants like Pop Thai, Ziu, and Thai Crate (a delivery restaurant close to Moolchand) are dispersing Thai flavors all over the world. A flavor of galangal and morning glory is also present, along with a fragrance of lemon grass and kaffir lime.

Pop Thai is located at Kothi No. 19A, AB Plaza, Green Avenue Street, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi, 110070; phone: 9560808288; hours: 11:00 AM–11:00 PM, Monday–Sunday.

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